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Welcome to my profile. I hope you will look around a bit. Feel free to email me if you have any questions. Click on the email tab. Or you can call me at (763) 250-1231. Don't leave confidential information through email or on the voice mail. Google services are not guaranteed private. 

You can make an appointment with me at Nuview Psychological Services at 6120 Oren Av N, Stillwater, MN. I accept most insurances for coverage. 

If you can't make to Stillwater on Fridays, I also provide etherapy in Minnesota and coaching services on-line for people living anywhere. Click here to learn more.

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Owner and Administrator
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker
Minnesota Board of Social Work: http://www.socialwork.state.mn.us/
Clinical Social Worker

Dave is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker who specializes in adolescent and adult group, family and individual therapy. Dave has extensive experience in providing direct service and in management of mental health services. He currently works full time at the Hennepin County Medical Center Partial Hospital Program .

He has a particular interest in mental health outcomes research and is pursuing this project to develop the potential of on-line research in mental health. You can download Dave's resume here.

I provide psychotherapy and counseling in Minnesota and coaching services on-line. Click here to learn more.

I served as primary author for "Ethical Framework for the Use of Technology in Disaster Mental Health".

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David Earl Johnson, LICSW
Nuview Psychological Services
6120 Oren Av N


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