Working Together Makes Us Stronger

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Welcome to Secure Mental Health Network! Mental Health Network is a community of healthcare providers dedicated to developing the service and research potential of this media. provides a secure base of operations for web based research and services in the healthcare sciences. intends to drive healthcare providers to the site by providing basic web based services such as networking opportunities, free service listing and webspace, news, top site ranking for healthcare sites, to generate interest in both participating in secure web based services and research, as well as referring clients for participation as subjects. All of these services are FREE! Click on FAQs on the left menu for more information. Register to begin the membership process and get access to discussion forums and research opportunities. When you register, you are accepting the User Agreement.

About This Site & User Agreement

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All users, health care providers and consumers, are welcome. You do not have to register to read the information on this site, but you do need to agree to the following.

If you are a provider of health care related services, you are encouraged to register for this site. Please read the details about this site and conditions of use. Afterwards you will be asked if you wish to register. A link is provided to the registration page. At the end of registration, you will be asked if you agree to this User Agreement.

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How To List As A Provider.

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If you are a health professional or a service provider for health professionals, you are welcome to list your service here. Once you are accepted as a provider, you will have the privileges to submit weblinks, news about your service, details about your service, add new feeds to the site, and participate in the forums.

This is a self service site. Follow these steps.

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Provider Agreement

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As an health care provider or a provider of services to health care providers, you are encouraged to register. You may receive a rare email about new updates on the site and solicitations to participate in on-line research or other projects organized by the membership. Your email will never be displayed but can be seen by the Administrator. Other users will be able to send you an email by using the email forms provided on this site. These forms are designed to prevent spamming to your email address. All other information submitted as a providers listing is publicly posted on the website.

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