Provider Agreement

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As an health care provider or a provider of services to health care providers, you are encouraged to register. You may receive a rare email about new updates on the site and solicitations to participate in on-line research or other projects organized by the membership. Your email will never be displayed but can be seen by the Administrator. Other users will be able to send you an email by using the email forms provided on this site. These forms are designed to prevent spamming to your email address. All other information submitted as a providers listing is publicly posted on the website.

When you register, you will be asked to include your name, location, information about your education, credentials and interests in this project. Members are required to be over age 18. By registering and providing your details, you will be able to post to the forum, submit articles, weblinks and newsfeeds. You will also be able to propose a service or research project for the site. The content you provide must be within your professional competencies, or, if not, that fact must be clearly stated. Copyright and all responsibility for the content is retained by the author. Any information submitted will be editable by the author or available for modification by request of the Administrator.

You are encouraged to list sufficient details about your service to promote it. You may add a profile by clicking on the "Change Profile" link in the left menu and filling in the form. That button will be available as soon as you register. There is more information about submitting provider information here.

By submitting your information as a health care provider you are agreeing to the limits and obligations of a provider member of You agree that you are a licensed professional health provider or a provider of services to health providers, agree to be honest and respectful, practice within your discipline's code of ethics, if applicable, and you agree to the User Agreement of listed here . You agree you do not meet the following exclusions:

  • Sites for herbal "medicine" that fit a food supplement definition.
  • Sites selling drugs and/or medicine outside of the US FDA approval process or a licensed pharmacy.
  • Sites providing or promoting health care solutions that do not meet prevailing community standards.
  • Sites who provide or promote products that are licensed or regulated in their home country, but are forbidden, illegal and not regulated or licensed in the US.

Anonymous registered members are not allowed. You must use your real name. Details of your credentials are also required. If you are a medical doctor, you must list your specialty. If you list acronyms relating to licenses, degrees or affiliations, please provide an explanation.

The Administrator has the right to make the final determination of whether a service provider fits the mission of the site. Members who flagrantly violate the policies of this site may be suspended or terminated from membership with or without warning. The Administrator shall make all final determinations and his decision is final. The member will be notified by email.

As a provider you will have the right to submit details about your service, a link to your website, news items about your service, and add news feeds to the site. All information on the site and on links to this site must meet prevailing community standards of health care and the HONcode of Conduct. All information about the benefits or performance of any treatment (medical and/or surgical), commercial product or service are considered as claims. All claims have to be backed up with scientific evidence (medical journals, reports or others). All medical information must be balanced. All brand names have to be identified (with ® for example). Unless the purpose of the member's submission is clearly stated to be the commercial platform of a particular product, it must include alternative therapies or products (including generics). All members of shall undertake to disseminate only information that is true and correct in light of their knowledge. Content submitted by members will be reviewed by a moderator within a week as to it's appropriateness to the mission of this site and it's standards of content before it is displayed. All moderators are volunteers, and providers and members of this site appointed by the Administrator to act as his designee.

Providers will also be eligible to upgrade their membership to develop research based services connected to this site and solicit providers to participate or refer clients to participate in the research based services. 

Read the instructions for posting provider information.