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This website is a portal for Telemental Health counseling in Minnesota. There is a rich resource of additional resource including handouts, recommended books, audio recordings including previously recorded DBT skills training classes. See for details about David Earl Johnson, MSW, LICSW, the therapist. Other clinician's clients should have their therapists contact me first at to discuss the possibility of using this site in your therapy.

Registering is required to access Telemental Health and other resources available. Although this site is private, I strongly recommend that your username and email do not identify you to protect your privacy. I recommend using an encrypted email service such as, which is free. At no time should you use your full name. If you do so, I cannot protect your privacy. If you have questions, use the Secure Contact form linked above or email me using an encrypted email service such as, which is free, send me email at . You may call me at 763-250-1231 for regarding scheduling or urgent matters, but do not leave clinical information on a voicemail at my phone number because although it is private, it does not meet HIPAA standards of privacy of health records.

To access this site, you must register first. The directions follow. 

Click on Register Securely. You'll be taken to the next screen below.

Then click on each box and fill in the required information. Do not use your full name, use your initials. Use your three initials of your name The First letter of each name should be capitalized.

Then fill in your username, a secure password, and your email. I strongly recommend that your username and email should not contain your full name to protect your privacy.

You will get an email confirmation. I will review your request for registration and confirm you are a current or permitted client and then you will get an email confirmation of approval as well as request additional information.

Then, return to the site and log in using your email address and password.

After you've logged in, note the users menu down the front in the right hand side. 

The best way to contact me is to text me at 763-250-1231.