Social media can be a way for you to learn about what I do, my philosophy, and about what sort of therapist I might be. But once you become a client of mine, things change. The relationship you have with a therapist is unique. Therapists cannot be friends or business partners, or have a social or sexual relationship with you.

During the time you are a client mine, you can expect most of the services offered during your scheduled visits. Should you have an urgent need, you can leave a message for me and I will get back to you when I can. You should not expect emergency help from me. Emergency services are available here. If you have an urgent need, contact me by phone. Or email me using an encrypted email service such as which is free. If you sign up for Proton Mail, send me email at . You may call me at 763-250-1231 for scheduling or urgent matters. But do not leave clinical information on a voicemail at my phone number because although it is private, it does not meet HIPAA standards of privacy of health records.

While you are a client of mine, you may still follow me on social media. But if you send me unsecured email, send an @replies or direct message on Twitter, comment or direct message me on Facebook, write a blog comment or contact me via some other insecure and/or public means, you may be ignored and/or deleted to protect your confidentiality and preserve the integrity of the therapeutic relationship

Now that you know my social media policy, you may follow me.