Emotions give our experiences a sort of color, a dimension of experience very different from other senses, different from even thoughts. Yet many of us find our emotions at times more of an enemy than a friend. Our emotions serve a purpose, one that is not entirely obvious.

Most current theories of emotion share the assumption that emotions serve an adaptive function in human life. Emotions play an important role in how we appraise and prepare to act on current circumstances. There are instances when emotions seem to interfere with what we do, what I call Toxic Emotion. The essence of emotional intelligence is to learn how to make all kinds of emotion a constructive, even enhancing aspect of life.

DaveMSW.com was created by me, David Earl Johnson, MSW, LICSW, (me) as a part of my vision to spread the news about emotion intelligence and how it might benefit everyone. On this website, I have endeavored to create access to the advanced knowledge of this important concept in an understandable way for my clients and the general public. You have access to a number of articles that explains in detail advanced aspects of Full Impact Livingâ„ . There is a link to a collection of videos on emotion intelligence from experts around the world. I am building my contribution through a series of links, audio and video advanced tutorials based on live presentations. You will also find my recommended resources linked here: ePsyQ.com.

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